CDs – How to order

How to order CDs from this website

  1. Click on “Audio and Video”
  2. Click on “CDs – Order”
  3. Choose your desired CD or CD pack and click on the accompanying picture of the CD cover or the album/pack name
  4. Click the “add to cart” button
  5. A new window will open. Check your transaction details and click either “Continue Shopping” to order another CD, or “Checkout” to complete the transaction
  6. You can also empty your cart by clicking the “Remove” button on the shopping cart.
  7. When you click “Checkout” you will then be transferred to the PAYPAL gateway to complete your name, shipping and credit card details (Visa and MasterCard only). The charge on your credit card statement will be from PAYPAL/CAXTONJAZZ.
  8. At the completion of the transaction, simply close the popup window to return to our website

Other methods of orderings CDs

  1. You can order CDs by mail, phone or email and pay by cheque or direct deposit.  
  2. Our phone number is 0466 273 055 and our email address is Please phone or email for our mailing address.
  3. CDs may be purchased directly from the band at any of our gigs. Cash payment is preferred.